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    partnered with US aluminum prod▓ucer Alcoa to buy a 12 percent stake in UK-list▓ed iron ore giant Rio Tinto. The price tag? 14 bi▓llion US dollars. It's by far the largest overseas investment to date, by a Chinese company.Experts ▓explain why partnering with Alcoa, w

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as one smart move for Chinalco.Li Daokui, Professor of School of Economics & Management of Tsinghua Univ▓ersity said "If you do it all by y


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    ourself▓, naturally, you provoke suspicion. Doing it indirectly with a third party seems to me is very intelligent and a▓ wise approach to this issue."Andrew Brown said "J▓ust take a minority stake. We don't want to s▓it on the management; we don't want

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to seat on the board.▓ This is purely a financial investment."Shaping the media message, is also key in helping complete the initial▓ M & A.Wang Hui


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    yao, Vice Chairman of China Int'l Economic Cooperation Society said "Should hire more intermediate firms like pr firms, investme▓nt companies, to help Chinese firms smoothen the pro

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cess."But when the ink on the contract dries, challenges loom. Wh▓en asked what represents the biggest hurdle f▓or Chinese overseas M & As, scho


tion to the non financial aspects."A

    lars and business experts, are unanimous.A Chinese court▓ has jailed four people for spreading their bootleg "T▓omato Garden" version of Microsoft's Windows XP progra▓m. It's the country's biggest software pi▓racy case. The creator of the downloadable "Tomato Garde▓n Windows XP" sof

    ndrew▓ Brown, Partn

tware, Hong Lei, has been jailed for three and a half years by a court in the eastern city of Suzhou. One of his accomplic▓es received the same


er of Beijing Brunswic


    k Consultancy Ltd. s

prison term and two others receiv▓ed two years each. The Tomato Garden version of the Windo▓ws XP crippled the programme's authentication and

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